Hello my name is

Ezekiel Victor

I build software, race dirt bikes, fly helicopters, and play jazz piano. In order of fluency to novelty, I speak English, German, Spanish, Russian, and Italian.

Past victories include seeing Gravity to a $90M AOL acquisition with a team of 12 engineers, as well as overseeing engineering and ops at Sonic Electronix going from $30M to $60M revenue in 2 years.

I have a knack for learning things quickly and thoroughly and retaining that knowledge over time. I am also capable of rapidly absorbing extant codebases and problem domains, enhancing and refining those while managing complexity for future engineers.

I have extensive full stack experience from SQL and NoSQL DBs to PHP and Scala to JS, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, AngularJS, Sass, and myriad other front end tech. I would describe my knowledge of Apache, PHP, MySQL, and the aforementioned front end technologies as encyclopedic and for other tech such as Scala and MongoDB highly qualified.

I deeply understand the fundamentals and motivations of object-oriented and functional programming and apply those paradigms together.

I have non-trivial knowledge of and experience with (in no particular order) Yii and Zend Frameworks, object-oriented JavaScript, Git, Subversion, Regular Expressions, user experience and accessibility, deferred promise pattern, Web app security concerns, Redis, Memcached, SEO, Haml-like languages (PHP Haml, Scaml), Scalatra, and D3.js.

I would love to talk at length about any of the listed technologies.